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The ultimate in carefree comfort!

What's wrong with traditional nose pads anyway?    Well .... most people are familiar with traditional  nose pads. There is a left nose pad and a right nose pad and a nose in between! They work fine in most  situations, but since the weight of the eyeglasses is distributed only on two small nose pads, they sometimes cause indentations and pain on the wearer's nose.

Saddle Bridge Nose Pads ..... A better idea!
Saddle bridge nose pads resemble the shape of a saddle, and hence its interesting name.

Saddle bridge  nose pads rest all around the nasal area of the eyeglass or sunglasses wearer. The importance of this is that the weight of the eyeglasses is spread over the entire area where the saddle bridge nose pad rests on the spectacle wearer's nose.  This larger contact surface area means that the eyeglass weight on any one point of contact between the saddle bridge nose pad and the nose is less than one would have with traditional nose pads.

Saddle Bridge Nose Pads for
Glasses, Sunglasses, & Eyeglasses
Inside And Out!   Most silicone saddle bridge nose pads are fabricated with a thin metal inner core that  is surrounded by a layer of silicone.  This design usually enables the left or right side of the saddle  bridge to be laterally manually adjusted slightly inwards (towards the nose) or outwards (away from the  nose). The metal insert enables the nose pad to hold its shape after the adjustment.  Many soft or firm  PVC saddle bridge nose pads with a metal insert also allow this type of adjustment.

Saddle bridge nose pads constructed with hard acetate usually are not adjustable. Saddle bridge pads  fabricated from firm or soft acetate may enable a slight lateral manual adjustment, but since these  bridge pads usually do not have a metal inner core, the adjustment will not be permanent.  Saddle bridge  pads of this type, if flexible enough, "may" temporarily hold a new shape while positioned on the nose  as the bridge pad conforms to the shape of the nose.

Finally .... A Low Maintenance Nose Pad! 
While traditional two piece nose pads often need frequent  adjustment, saddle bridge nose pads seldom need adjustment.  A saddle bridge nose pad is comfort heaven  for the sunglass or eyeglass wearer!

Color Please?
  As standard sized silicone or pvc based saddle bridge nose pads usually have a metal  core, the color of the saddle bridge actually refers to the color of the metal core; gold or silver.
Saddle bridge nose pads fabricated from acetate are usually clear or near clear.

What About Size?
  Replacing a worn out eyeglass saddle bridge nose pad is a simple matter. As most optical  repair replacement parts are measured in millimeters(mm), simply obtain a millimeter ruler and measure  your existing saddle bridge features and compare these measurements to those offered by your nose pads  vendor.

A quality nose pad vendor should ALWAYS supply a diagram or specification sheet that includes a  drawing and dimensions of each saddle bridge nose pad. Without such information, you do not have the  ability to correctly select the proper saddle bridge pad.

Can Everyone Have One?  No! 
Eyeglass frame  manufacturers design their eyewear frames from the ground up.  In other words, each pair of  glasses is designed to use a particular type of  nose pad. 

Eyeglasses that use saddle bridge nose pads have special mounting requirements  just as all types of nose pads have their  particular mounting requirements.  Eyeglasses,  sunglasses, or reading glasses that are designed to use traditional nose pads are not compatible with saddle bridge nose pads.   Similarly, spectacles that use saddle bridge  nose pads are not compatible with traditional nose pads.

Where To Buy?
  A reputable, discount supplier of replacement saddle bridge nose pads is NosePads.Com.

NosePads.Com Desktop Store

NosePads.Com Mobile/Cell Store

They offer all types of  saddle bridge mountings including dual screw-hole, single screw-hole, and snap-on.  They also stock most all saddle bridge sizes, colors, and materials such as silicone, pvc, and acetate.  NosePads.Com  currently offers a BUY-1 GET-1 FREE Saddle Bridge offer.

By clicking on either the SPECS or DIAGRAM links next to each nose pad, you may view a detailed diagram of each type of saddle bridge along with all  relevant dimensions.

You may also find useful this excellent brief saddle bridge nose pads overview.

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